Pests in the Country Side

The lines of what the animals of the environment and pests are blurred the farther you are from the city. You can’t just call something intruding in your property as pests just because you didn’t want it there, while many will disagree with me; the fact is they were the first ones there. Cities and suburbs have been human territory for so long, whatever wildlife was originally there no longer have the ancient environment to dwell on and the rats and bugs are just scavengers that saw the waste humanity produced, waste that they consume.

Before moving on to the countryside, you should understand the ecosystem and how the environment of that place works, as you wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself by calling the local Pest Control Company Alpharetta, only to discover that you wanted to get rid of some protected species of the local area. Let’s get this straight though, termites are termites no matter where you go, and ticks/fleas are bad, you should get rid of them as soon as possible. But when it comes to small animals that you have never seen before, refrain from getting you shotgun, they might not be pests, and you might just be committing a crime.