Missing The Pest-Free Vermont Countryside

There is an undeniable charm in living in the countryside. Everything there seems so slow and relaxed. You can take leisurely walks on your way home and can literally stop and smell the flowers. Every corner, people somehow knew each other. I certainly appreciate the peace and quiet and cherish the large sea of stars at night.

I was born and raised in Columbus. My parents were born here as well. If you do not know yet, Columbus is the capital and largest city in Ohio. Just imagine the population in our city, and you will understand how I have grown to love the countryside.

I got initiated to country living when we visited my cousins in Vermont. They have a maple farm that produces high-grade maple syrup. It was so much fun to tap trees, carry buckets of maple sap and fancy at the smoke from the sugarhouse. Oh, I cannot express enough how I love those moments.

What amazed me, even more, is the absence of pest in spite of the sweet sugary product they make. Even the pests look as if they are disinterested to take on the mighty Maple trees. It seems truly incredible because, in the city, mere leftover food could invite pests of all shape and sizes. Good thing, pest control providers are working hard to help eliminate pesky pests. Their company is invaluable to households, mine included, to keep these critters away.

On the other hand, my uncle explained to me that pests could only affect unhealthy maple trees. Also, the workers in the farm keep everything sanitized to prevent pests from coming in. They never used any pesticides because it would negatively affect the quality of the maple syrup.

Winter vacations spent in Vermont through these years made me want to move in there permanently, but my parents wouldn’t allow me until I finish university. Every morning, my daydreams transports me to Vermont as I enjoy my pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast.

There are so many things to love about Vermont aside from maple syrup. Here are just a few.

  • If you crave the outdoors, then you will surely fall in love with Vermont. The state offers a lot of opportunities to be one with nature. The landscape a perfect balance of beautiful trees and lakes. Since the industry here is mostly agriculture, your eyes will be relaxed by the color of the leaves.
  • Speaking of leaves, did I mention that the fall season is so beautiful on this side of the country? You will experience the incredible changing of colors in Vermont because of the maple trees.
  • Other than the sweet maple syrup, Vermont has another delightful contribution to the world, and that is Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. Their factory is situated in Vermont so expect to see a lot of Ben and Jerry’s around town, which is a great thing.
  • In winter, expect to experience the coldest temperature. But, that is good news to ski and snowboarding enthusiasts all over the country.

I am so excited to visit Vermont again and I am looking forward to living there for good someday soon.