Everyday Life at the Countryside

There was a time in my life that an alarm very early in the morning could barely wake me up, that getting out of bead and out of the house was the most pain in the ass thing to do in the morning. But now things are different, I still set my alarm but I wake up before it even rings, I am excited to go out and start the day every morning. Living in the countryside is just so different, so many different things from the city, things that you might think as not very significant but actually makes a lot of difference.

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I found myself suddenly having the habit jogging every morning, I never really liked the idea of running around for exercise back in the city. The air was too dirty, and parts of the streets are still waiting to be cleaned by government cleaners, and you tend to see a lot of people on their way home from a night of partying and drinking looking totally wasted. But in the countryside you don’t have any of that, the air is so clean and fresh that you just love the feeling of breathing in the cool breeze, if there are streets they are pretty much clean and surrounded with nature, and the people you meet are people starting their day with farming, doing business, or just leisurely strolls. I then discovered that it was not that I hated jogging, I just hated jogging in the city, the countryside just gives you a feeling of the start of a good day when you wake up early in the morning and take a stroll.

After my morning run, I either look for a place to eat breakfast in town or go home and cook myself some food grown locally. Either way the food is just more tasty compared to the city, I don’t know if it’s because the food was grown locally and is fresh, or just my bias against all the additives and preservatives in most of the food found in the city, but I just enjoy the food more in the countryside.


Depending on the day of the week I go buy some groceries. One thing you can easily see that separates living the city and the countryside is the cost of living. Apart from being more delicious, food here is just way cheaper compared to the city, of course the manufactured stuff is slightly the same price, but the real good stuff is just way cheaper. I’ve also heard that rent was cheap, I am not certain as I bought a house with a small farm, which was actually more affordable than I thought it would be.

The one thing that I love the most about living in the countryside is the peace and quiet, there is no place in the city where you can get tranquility like this, if there was you are probably paying a small fortune for it in country club fees or something.

Everyday life in the countryside is not for everyone, but it is for people who love living a quality, good and peaceful life.