Away from the Country Side, A Vacation from Retirement

I had lived a life of work and adventures, though I never had the pleasure of the adventure being work, I cannot say that I have any regrets about retiring. Though sometimes you just have to get out of the countryside and temporarily go out of retirement. That was exactly the case when I needed to leave for Dubai, an old friend called me up needing my assistance for a little a job that he needed done in that area of the world. So for one more time, I packed my gear for another adventure, trading the quite simple life of the countryside for a brief moment of action.

Not what you think

carpet cleaning company in Atlanta, GAOkay the way I wrote the top part of this article made it seem like I had some sort of adventurous job like treasure hunter or something, I can definitely tell you that isn’t the case at all, I’m an oil man, or rather I worked in the industry for most of my life, I wasn’t actually the best of the best but I’m pretty good at what I do. The reason why I was called out to that part of the world was because some old friends still working wanted to have the whole band together, and when they were chosen for a little consultancy project they brought me with them to mostly just get together.


At Dubai

Atlanta ElectricianI was surprised to know that one of my old buddies decided to rent us a yacht to relax on, and instructed me to just go to the marina, as summit-yachts is located in Dubai Marina and I would easily be able to find them when I am there.

The rental was a thing of beauty, I had wished that I had a boat like this back home, but then again a beauty like this is meant to be sailed across the sea and not some lake in the middle of the countryside, no matter how big that lake is.

After settling in, we had a dinner meeting with the client and I have to tell you that the excitement of doing work was something that I missed. All the seriousness and negotiations, pleasantries and diplomacy, which was something you rarely get when you just laze about in the quiet countryside.


I can’t really talk much about work, contract and all, but I can tell you about the experience I had, one that was nostalgic. The old gang was back together, I remembered the old days when our backs were stronger, head was fuller, and filled with energy. It was like the good old days again, though we became the old men sitting in the conference room, laughing while drinking coffee, the ones we used to joke about. I had a few shining moments of showing a young man how to do things, as well as the others. We just did we used to, skew a bit older.

I then realized we were there not to really work the field, we were there to pass the torch to the next generation. We have experience that no machine could replace, though they are definitely undeniably helpful, in fact a wish I had these tools back in the day, and it would have made things way simpler. But the point was we are a passing on the knowledge we had by consulting, by showing them how it was done.

Our job was done and the torch was passed, and it became time for me to go back to retirement, which was alright actually. We enjoyed are last few days in the wonderful city and its marina, and said our farewells.


Back to the countryside

the-countrysideWhen I got home I noticed something, silence, complete silence and peace. I breathed in and out, I was then able to really relax again, feeling the exhaustion. I then remembered what it was like working day in and out, I loved those days, they were times when I challenged myself and faced the challenged with peers, but now was the time to rest and relax, not just for the moment, but for the rest of my life. Though I might do a little work now and then, I truly am retired in the countryside.