Living in a rural area and owning your own land is very different from the life you are used to in the city. It may be a bit more relaxing in a rural area, but there is a lot to learn, responsibilities that you will need to do as a land owner. In this website, our aim is to educate people of the responsibilities and skills needed in order to live a fun and productive life in a rural area. We will talk about farming, experiences, and life in general in a rural area. We also welcome the comments and ideas of our readers, share your experiences and ideas as a person who is and is planning to live in a rural area, along with owning land or farm. We moved away from the city in order to get a breath of that fresh country air, an rid ourselves of the stress that comes with living the city, join us as we talk about the perks of living in the country side and maybe you’ll be convinced to move away from the city as well.