A Semi-Rural Town an Hour Away From San Antonio

fredericksburgSo last year I decided to move to Fredericksburg, which I count as Semi-Rural because it pretty much have most of the things you need for a good town/city to be considered one, though it is relatively quiet and peaceful with a population may be less than 15,000. I have gotten used to living here, and with it being the peach capital of Texas, I enjoy its famous agricultural product every day, maybe even to the point of not ever having to ever want a peach ever again.

The best part about it for me though, is the fact that it is only about an hour away from the busy city of San Antonio. The First day I moved, I thought to myself that I might have bitten of more than I could chew. I might be retired but I’m not really the type who would turn down a good party, and while Fredricksburg does have its moments, I still miss the crazy fun you can have in the city. I later discovered that the city of San Antonio was not that far, though the way I learned this was not exactly the way I would have preferred it to. My buddy who’s a bail bondsman in San Diego said that the city is way cleaner than San Antonio.

While entertaining visitors some time ago, we were having a nice little barbecue,  after running out beers  me and my buddy, Frank, decided to head on to the nearest store and get some more. As we drove to the store we got to talking about the good old days and decided to relive some of it by buying a whole keg, we didn’t care if we won’t be able finish it, with only six of us to drink it, we just wanted to party like the old days.

As we drove back home with the feeling of being triumphant, when the rest of the group saw what we brought back with us they all cheered, and as we attempted to carry it back to the porch, I threw my back. This wasn’t the first time this happened though,  as you get older, the chances of you throwing your back is pretty high, and can be frequent. The only way I could feel better was through spinal decompression back pain relief, which I only trust a chiropractor to do. Luckily enough, one of the guys was friends with one, and he was relatively near. When I asked where’d he lived and was told ‘San Antonio’ I was surprised to know that the city was relatively near from where I was living.

Yes, I have lived in a place an hour away from the famous city and never knew, geography was never my strong suit and I never really cared much about information outside where I lived. But that day was a lesson to me, I should know more about the place I live in, regardless of how quiet and somewhat boring it is, I might not know that a really fun place was just right next to it.