Why I Moved to the Countryside

I cannot deny that the city has a lot of things that makes life convenient, but what do you exchange for that convenience, and when all that no longer matters should you move to a more rural area? For the most of the earlier years in my life I’ve lived in the city, everything the city provided was something that I thought to be normal, both the good and the bad. But as time passed by I traveled more and discovered that some of the things I thought were just normal part of daily life was not.

In the city, it’s just loud most of the time, the only time you have a bit of silence is during the night. Sure you could definitely just lock yourself in a room with the windows closed and you get a bit of quiet, but that completely depend on your neighbors, and not to mention that is not really the peace and quiet I am after. When I visited a relative at the countryside, I found the peace that I wanted, that feeling of just walking during a nice day and only hearing the rustling of the trees and the wind blowing through. That was something you can hardly ever find in the city.


Of course you can avoid the noise of the city by moving to the suburbs, but that just brings us to another problem you face in the city. When you need to get in the city, or even when you are in the city, you need to take account your travel time along with the time it takes to get through traffic. The traffic in the city eats up little chunks of your time in a good day, and on a bad day you’re better off just walking. This is hardly ever a problem in rural areas, you might argue though that places are far from each other, like your farm or cabin to the store at town, but since traffic is almost none existent, everything is just a few minutes’ drive away.

One thing that occurs more in cities is crime, of course there are also bad people in the countryside, but unlike in the city you can take it easy and not worry too much about things like getting robbed or broken into, in some rural areas, there are so few people that everyone knows each other, with a community like that the worst crimes that could happen are a few kids doing some pranks. It is important to be always cautious and vigilant, but personally I think that the fear of criminals as a norm is just not living a good life.

These and a few more hassles that city living has made me decide to move to a more rural place to live in, if I ever need to go to the city and have a little fun that only the city could provide then I will go on a vacation there, but when it comes to living my daily life, I prefer the relaxed, quiet, and safe life that the countryside provides.

Why I Love Living in the Countryside


So it has been a few months since I moved to the countryside, at first I thought that I would have a hard time adjusting to living in a place so rural, but it seems as though that I have no problem living my life here, as it is just so much more relaxing here. Though I wake up more early to work on a few things on the farm, I found that I didn’t have to force myself to get up from my bead nor set an alarm to do so, unlike when I was living in the city. I then realized a few things about living in the countryside that I love.

Every morning I somehow wake up early, I don’t l know if it’s because I sleep earlier now or because the morning sunlight is like a gentle wakeup call that makes things a lot more relaxing to wake up to. But doing so makes me feel more productive, even if I really didn’t have to do much that day. The fact that I start my day fully rested and wakeup to the beautiful countryside scenery, I get the feeling that everything and anything is possible.

I work at home now. Aside from my farming, I still do work on a few projects sometimes to make sure I can keep lights on, though nowadays instead of going to a big building surrounded with deadlines and stressed out people, I am at home surrounded by fresh air and relaxing scenery. I somehow feel more productive now, I am doing my tasks and plans so efficiently that often I think to myself why don’t more people start living a more relaxed life like this, of course a lot of planning and a bit of money is need to do this though.

I no longer hate Mondays, nor do I hate any other day of the week. Every new day starting is a new day of adventure and challenges. And unlike when I was living in the city, challenges are not daily or weekly struggles that force you to drain all your energy on grinding. These challenges give you a sense of accomplishment, that is quite different from accomplishing things in the city which seems like just the end of one task among more endless amount of tasks that comes your way, I believe they call it the rat race.

Good food that you don’t have to pay a lot of money (often times too much money) for, is one of the perks of living in a rural area. Aside from the organic food I grow, the stuff I get in town are locally grown and raised, giving you a sense of security when it comes where your food comes from.

And the most wonderful thing about living in the countryside, at least for me, is that there is no reason to rush. There is no traffic to worry about when getting to places and people tend to go on their own pace but everything is done on time at the right time. This is somewhat freeing, as I am not a hostage to a schedule, not my own, and not anyone else’s.

These are but a few things that I love about living in a rural area, there is a lot more to appreciate in the countryside. Give it a shot, I am quite sure that you will love it!

A Semi-Rural Town an Hour Away From San Antonio

fredericksburgSo last year I decided to move to Fredericksburg, which I count as Semi-Rural because it pretty much have most of the things you need for a good town/city to be considered one, though it is relatively quiet and peaceful with a population may be less than 15,000. I have gotten used to living here, and with it being the peach capital of Texas, I enjoy its famous agricultural product every day, maybe even to the point of not ever having to ever want a peach ever again.

The best part about it for me though, is the fact that it is only about an hour away from the busy city of San Antonio. The First day I moved, I thought to myself that I might have bitten of more than I could chew. I might be retired but I’m not really the type who would turn down a good party, and while Fredricksburg does have its moments, I still miss the crazy fun you can have in the city. I later discovered that the city of San Antonio was not that far, though the way I learned this was not exactly the way I would have preferred it to.

While entertaining visitors some time ago, we were having a nice little barbecue,  after running out beers  me and my buddy, Frank, decided to head on to the nearest store and get some more. As we drove to the store we got to talking about the good old days and decided to relive some of it by buying a whole keg, we didn’t care if we won’t be able finish it, with only six of us to drink it, we just wanted to party like the old days.

As we drove back home with the feeling of being triumphant, when the rest of the group saw what we brought back with us they all cheered, and as we attempted to carry it back to the porch, I threw my back. This wasn’t the first time this happened though,  as you get older, the chances of you throwing your back is pretty high, and can be frequent. The only way I could feel better was through spinal decompression back pain relief, which I only trust a chiropractor to do. Luckily enough, one of the guys was friends with one, and he was relatively near. When I asked where’d he lived and was told ‘San Antonio’ I was surprised to know that the city was relatively near from where I was living.

Yes, I have lived in a place an hour away from the famous city and never knew, geography was never my strong suit and I never really cared much about information outside where I lived. But that day was a lesson to me, I should know more about the place I live in, regardless of how quiet and somewhat boring it is, I might not know that a really fun place was just right next to it.

Away from the Country Side, A Vacation from Retirement

I had lived a life of work and adventures, though I never had the pleasure of the adventure being work, I cannot say that I have any regrets about retiring. Though sometimes you just have to get out of the countryside and temporarily go out of retirement. That was exactly the case when I needed to leave for Dubai, an old friend called me up needing my assistance for a little a job that he needed done in that area of the world. So for one more time, I packed my gear for another adventure, trading the quite simple life of the countryside for a brief moment of action.


Not what you think

oil-rigsOkay the way I wrote the top part of this article made it seem like I had some sort of adventurous job like treasure hunter or something, I can definitely tell you that isn’t the case at all, I’m an oil man, or rather I worked in the industry for most of my life, I wasn’t actually the best of the best but I’m pretty good at what I do. The reason why I was called out to that part of the world was because some old friends still working wanted to have the whole band together, and when they were chosen for a little consultancy project they brought me with them to mostly just get together.


At Dubai






I was surprised to know that one of my old buddies decided to rent us a yacht to relax on, and instructed me to just go to the marina, as summit-yachts is located in Dubai Marina and I would easily be able to find them when I am there.


The rental was a thing of beauty, I had wished that I had a boat like this back home, but then again a beauty like this is meant to be sailed across the sea and not some lake in the middle of the countryside, no matter how big that lake is.

After settling in, we had a dinner meeting with the client and I have to tell you that the excitement of doing work was something that I missed. All the seriousness and negotiations, pleasantries and diplomacy, which was something you rarely get when you just laze about in the quiet countryside.



I can’t really talk much about work, contract and all, but I can tell you about the experience I had, one that was nostalgic. The old gang was back together, I remembered the old days when our backs were stronger, head was fuller, and filled with energy. It was like the good old days again, though we became the old men sitting in the conference room, laughing while drinking coffee, the ones we used to joke about. I had a few shining moments of showing a young man how to do things, as well as the others. We just did we used to, skew a bit older.

I then realized we were there not to really work the field, we were there to pass the torch to the next generation. We have experience that no machine could replace, though they are definitely undeniably helpful, in fact a wish I had these tools back in the day, and it would have made things way simpler. But the point was we are a passing on the knowledge we had by consulting, by showing them how it was done.

Our job was done and the torch was passed, and it became time for me to go back to retirement, which was alright actually. We enjoyed are last few days in the wonderful city and its marina, and said our farewells.


Back to the countryside

the-countrysideWhen I got home I noticed something, silence, complete silence and peace. I breathed in and out, I was then able to really relax again, feeling the exhaustion. I then remembered what it was like working day in and out, I loved those days, they were times when I challenged myself and faced the challenged with peers, but now was the time to rest and relax, not just for the moment, but for the rest of my life. Though I might do a little work now and then, I truly am retired in the countryside.


Everyday Life at the Countryside

There was a time in my life that an alarm very early in the morning could barely wake me up, that getting out of bead and out of the house was the most pain in the ass thing to do in the morning. But now things are different, I still set my alarm but I wake up before it even rings, I am excited to go out and start the day every morning. Living in the countryside is just so different, so many different things from the city, things that you might think as not very significant but actually makes a lot of difference.

bike-at-the-countrysideI found myself suddenly having the habit jogging every morning, I never really liked the idea of running around for exercise back in the city. The air was too dirty, and parts of the streets are still waiting to be cleaned by government cleaners, and you tend to see a lot of people on their way home from a night of partying and drinking looking totally wasted. But in the countryside you don’t have any of that, the air is so clean and fresh that you just love the feeling of breathing in the cool breeze, if there are streets they are pretty much clean and surrounded with nature, and the people you meet are people starting their day with farming, doing business, or just leisurely strolls. I then discovered that it was not that I hated jogging, I just hated jogging in the city, the countryside just gives you a feeling of the start of a good day when you wake up early in the morning and take a stroll.

After my morning run, I either look for a place to eat breakfast in town or go home and cook myself some food grown locally. Either way the food is just more tasty compared to the city, I don’t know if it’s because the food was grown locally and is fresh, or just my bias against all the additives and preservatives in most of the food found in the city, but I just enjoy the food more in the countryside.

Depending on the day of the week I go buy some groceries. One thing you can easily see that separates living the city and the countryside is the cost of living. Apart from being more delicious, food here is just way cheaper compared to the city, of course the manufactured stuff is slightly the same price, but the real good stuff is just way cheaper. I’ve also heard that rent was cheap, I am not certain as I bought a house with a small farm, which was actually more affordable than I thought it would be.

The one thing that I love the most about living in the countryside is the peace and quiet, there is no place in the city where you can get tranquility like this, if there was you are probably paying a small fortune for it in country club fees or something.

Everyday life in the countryside is not for everyone, but it is for people who love living a quality, good and peaceful life.

Living in Rural Utah: Retired and Looking Good!

rural-utahMost of us would like to live our retirement years still looking good, so when we finally have all the time in the world we start living a healthier life style, eating right and exercising. Unfortunately, our body just isn’t what it used to be, and while we might be able to build up some muscle and melt our fats away, our skin just isn’t as elastic as it used to be, and I am afraid those creams and infomercial products are only made to encourage the natural ability and elasticity of the skin to return to normal, when it just isn’t there anymore it won’t work. Luckily enough, most people reading this article are probably living at the right place for cases like this.

In Utah tummy tuck procedure is quite popular, and because of this the doctors of the state is so well practiced, they have become among the best in the country when it comes to the procedure. And with so many people going under the procedure, there is no shame in going through it, as it is seen as something that is a norm.

How to Find the Right Doctor

The best way to find the right doctor for you is by interviewing several candidates. When it comes to doctors, you need more than their credentials. Doctors are people in charge of your health, you will need to connect to them in a personal level, because you will be giving them the permission to cut you open and take a piece, or chunk, of you. This is something that requires trust, and while the days of youth when you just blindly trusted anyone who had the title Doctor, you are at an advance age where things can go wrong with your system quite easily, and before anything does go wrong you need someone who cares enough to know you and your medical records intimately enough to know the right call, as even a simple cosmetic procedure is relatively more risky when done at an advanced age.


Luckily enough, you are retired and living in the nice and relaxing countryside, so the whole stress problem is practically solved. But you should always have a few people you can easily contact to check on you or come get you in the event of an emergency. Additionally, it would be best to have a relative or nurse staying with you, even temporarily, to address to dressing and check for infections, as this is something you should be more concerned of at an advanced age. You must also remember to keep your scheduled checkups, so that no complications or anything similar can develop unnoticed.



You can live your peaceful rural life while being healthy and looking good, but you must make extra precautions to make sure that your will remain healthy enough to continue your active countryside lifestyle. Because why would you even bother looking good if you can’t reap the seeds that you sow, both literally and figuratively.